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A PeerIndex Score is great for anyone claiming to be a social media expert, mentor, strategist enthusiast, etc.  I used this score along with several others scores to get an idea of where I might fit in the whole scheme of things online.

Here is an excerpt from explaining a little more about what a PeerIndex is and how it is calculated:

“Our aim is to produce the most reasonable model of authority and reputation given the available data sources. This is so that you can benefit from the social capital that you’ve accrued and so that you can better understand with whom you are interacting.

We focus on whether other people find the content you are sharing interesting or not, and try to find people who are authoritative in specific topic areas. These are the opinion leaders who may have higher than average scores. A PeerIndex score of above 60 would mean you were in the top 1%.

At PeerIndex we don’t want to unduly reward people who’ve just managed to build huge followers. We want our scores and ranking to reflect the underlying value of what people say and who cares about what they are saying – if they are a VIP or otherwise (this doesn’t really matter).”


There are many sites out there calculating social capital and for the moment I believe that a consistent rating across all of them, will create a good idea of where a certain person is ranked among their peers.  I share as many stats as possible on my site in order to validate my claim of being a social media mentor.  If you view the right sidebar you will see the many different scores I’m receiving in regards to my social capital.  At the moment I’m very happy with my scores and don’t claim to be an expert or celebrity, but a mentor is quite fitting for where I score.  I’m sure with time my scores will climb, but at the moment I’m way above average across the board.  This gives me a good idea of how much influence I have on others and where I need to build and focus.

Below is a group I’ve been added to  that shows how I compare to the rest of the group.


 PeerIndex Score for Xeeme Power Networking Group

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I was inspired to write this post after being added to one of the most viewed groups on PeerIndex, at the time of this post.  I’m involved in a networking group called Xeeme, which is a place where you can store your online presence and make it easier for others to find you.  The owner Axel Schultze created a PeerIndex Group and added me to it (as seen above) along with many of the other active Xeeme users.  This proved to be an excellent idea, because it gave us all an idea of where we ranked and what type of influence our social capital is receiving.  Take a look at our group.  You can find me amongst a group of amazing people.  I believe in the coming months sites like this will become more popular and add verification to the claims many are making in regards to being social media experts and the like.  Take a moment and visit the many sites I’ve listed in my sidebar.  In many cases you can vouch, vote, endorse and more via the different sites.  If you find my content helpful, then your click is appreciated.  Sharing via Twitter, Google, LinkedIN, Facebook and more is appreciated as well.  Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope it provided some insight into sites like this and PeerIndex itself.

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