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In this SocialCam Review, I will share why it has become one of my newest app additions just before I rang in the new year.  First, I’m amazed at the many different people using it.  What’s interesting to me, is that I’m finding people on it that never do video anywhere else, ie. Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.  I’ve always wondered why more people aren’t using video online, but with this handy app multitudes are joining the application.  When I joined SocialCam I was quite surprised to find some old friends and new friends sharing their life on cam.  Many of them I’m connected with on facebook, twitter, etc, but have yet to see one video post on any of their feeds.  There is something about SocialCam that is provoking them to post more video content.  Maybe, it is the ease of using the app which has a simple red button that stands out.  You just click and record!  Don’t forget to add your social sites before you record.  You can also view the activity of your friends by simply clicking on activity in the app menu.  After you select whether you want to “use Video Camera” or “Upload from Library” you can swipe left or right over  ”no filter” and choose a filter.  I used a 1970′s filter for the video below, giving it that 70′s feel.  When I have the app open, often times I will get a push notification letting me know that one of my friends just uploaded a video.  I find myself rushing to look at what they are sharing.  Some times its bumpy and annoying content, but most of the time I enjoy seeing what my friends, family and acquaintances are sharing.

Get social and get SocialCam and start sharing with friends, family and people looking to connect with like-minded people.

SocialCam comes with built-in Analytics that show you how many views received, how many shares and more.  A great way to gage your following and what they enjoy from your feed.  It also has a widget that can embed in your website.  You can find mine in my right sidebar.  It will show you the two most recent videos that I publish.

Social Cam provides built in alalytics WayneUlery.Com | Social Media Mentor is more than just about business tools and power networking.  I believe the real power behind social media is the ability to put yourself out there and let those that feel they relate to you have an opportunity to connect.  We can get so caught up in proofreading, editing videos and looking our professional best that we forget that people want to find a more realistic connection with us.  I believe Social Cam is just one of the many ways that we can allow others to connect with us on a more personal level. I plan to populate my social can with family events, business meetings, inspirational and motivational content, scenes from Church and more.  My hope is that by taking a look at my social cam feed someone can get a glimpse of who Wayne Ulery is.  This platform just might be the determining factor for whether someone chooses to join me in business. I believe social cam is going to be popping up in more and more places in 2012.  Visit or find it with your iphone or android and come follow me through 2012.

Now take a look at my SocialCam Review taken by SocialCam with my iphone.

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SocialCam Review, SocialCam App, SocialCam API,SocialCam itunes, SocialCam Twitter, SocialCam Downloads, SocialCam Funding, 

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