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    2017 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury ?for Phil took some time to arrive at, but was well worth it. ?When we first started talking over the phone, Phil wanted information on a Luxury and a Premium Luxury. ?Phil mentioned he was a long time Cadillac owner and belonged to several Cadillac clubs, he was deciding between a pre-owned Escalade and a brand new XT5. ?Phil let me know that he's always purchased Cadillacs that were a few years old and that this would be the first time he would purchase something new.

    Once I hung up the phone, I got to work and ventured out into the cold to find the XT5 he was interested in. ?Here's his first view of an XT5.

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    This is not the XT5 Phil took home, but a lot of fun shooting it. ?After digging?it out and then melting the ice off I?shot the video in our service center. ?I remember it being quite busy that day, but I'd rather shoot inside than out in the freezing cold.

    On Saturday, working with some customers in the morning, I received the call from Phil that he would be in around 1:00 pm. ?After I hung up, I let the lot attendant know I needed to present the XT5 at 1:00. ?The next thing I know, Phil calls me to let me know he is here and I still didn't have his XT5 ready. ?There was one lot guy on duty and 15 salesman tugging at him all morning.

    I jumped in a truck with Lance and we ventured?out to find the XT5 was parked around our detail shop. ?I brought it inside to melt the ice off one more time. ?Then Phil, his wife Toy and I headed out on a test drive. ?The test drive was a lot of fun and at one point we got lost. ?Thanks to the built in nav we were back on course in no time. ?When we arrived at the lot, we looked at the differences between a Luxury and Premium Luxury. ?Phil preferred the 2017 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury over the Luxury right away. ?From here we went inside to see where the numbers would fall.

    Some time later, we landed exactly where Phil needed to be and next you'll find his delivery:


    2017 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury Video

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