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    Wayne's Family

    The Ulery Family

         Wayne is married to Stephanie, and has 3 kids, Carter, Corban, and Kelsey.  The Ulerys reside in Youngstown, Ohio.  Wayne and Stephanie got married October 9th, 2004.  They serve in the nursery, children's church, and youth group at their church.

         Wayne started in car sales May, 2014.  He was hired for his background with internet sales.  In Wayne's first month he sold 20 cars and became an internet manager over the internet sales team.  In time, he specialized in internet marketing while selling.  He has a heart for helping people, and loves getting to know them, which makes working with him a unique and fun car-buying experience.

         A short time later, Wayne joined the Mahoning Valley Chapter of BNI.  MVBNI meets weekly and consists of local professionals and business owners.  This decision proved to build upon his success in the car business.  In just few months, Wayne became the president of the chapter, where he held the office for 2 terms.   He took the chapter to record numbers.  Wayne is currently the Mentor Coordinator for MVBNI and enjoys training new members to become successful.

         Do you like Youtube? Wayne offers a unique, virtual car-buying experience.  His Youtube channel now has over 4,000 personalized videos and gets 70,000 to 130,000 minutes of watch time per month.  Wayne's channel consists of walk-around videos and delivery videos.  Here are just a few:

    Wayne's Interviews

    Shannon Flynn

    I first met Shannon in May of 2014.  We worked together during the summer on car sales.  She now plays an important role in the Flynn Auto Group.  During our Luau she approached me for an interview.  Enjoy.

    Rayshone Oliver

    Rayshone came to visit our BNI chapter.  After the meeting she approached me to be on her Youtube Channel #Beutify.  After hearing more about her Channel and what she does, I was honored to be a guest on her Channel.  Enjoy, and be sure to visit her Channel!

    Shawn Hays

    Shawn and I met online.  He spotted me and asked that I come on one of his “backyard chat” interviews.  He produces a lot of great content and sells a lot of cars.  Truly one of the industry greats!  Thanks for having me Shawn!

    Cadillac Virtual Reality

    In the last few seconds of this commercial you get to see the back of Wayne's head.  That counts for something, right?